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Join a company that launched in the market in 2023, coming from one of the biggest players in the Telco Industry, counting more than 5 years of experience as a partner in the technological modernization journeys of large organizations!

This company, which aims to exceed 100 employees and to double its business by the end of the year, relying on a valuable portfolio of dozens of clients, was born out of the experience and human capital accumulated over the past years in the design, installation, and operation of technological infrastructure. It now works as an autonomous company that capitalizes on this experience in the management of IT operations, and adds to it the skills for the modernization of IT, with the driver of the public cloud journey. Its strategic focus is on large organizations, which are more prepared to make this journey to cloud in a structural way, and which benefit most from this transition.

This firm has formed strategic partnerships with Google Cloud, Amazon Web Services and Microsoft, being the only Portuguese company with a high level of partnerships with the main cloud hyperscalers:

  • Amazon Web Services Advanced Partner
  • Gold Partner of Microsoft
  • Premier Partner of Google Cloud

These partnerships, combined with a wide ecosystem of adjacent partnerships, namely HPE and SAP, support the vision and capacity to execute hybrid cloud and multicloud architectures. The teams, with high level of expertise and certification, support the "been there, done that" recognition and experience, which support a pragmatic and innovative approach to IT modernization challenges!

This is where you come in!



  • As a Cloud SRE Spartan you will help us build, run, and maintain our customer’s platforms and its services. You will have to have some flexibility regarding schedules and On-Call practices
  • As a Lead you will be responsible for system reliability, developer productivity and reducing time to market by striving to reduce technical debt of the services your SRE team supports
  • As you most likely know, the Systems Reliability Engineer is always at the heart of solving production problems
  • We believe that an empowering SRE practice drives the value and experience of our customer’s businesses, and it needs to be fun and practical. The translation of this idea comes back to: humongous amounts of automation, creativity, quantitative thinking, a considerable allergy to toil, and "an automation a day, keeps the toil away...”


Key Leadership Responsibilities

  • Build and drive a happy and promising environment to your team(s)
  • Be the lighthouse of what you want your team members to be
  • Engage, influence, and evangelize SRE practices with your teams, our partners, and our customers, to align technology service/solution delivery
  • Must be able to define and report "progress" on strategic initiatives and project level tasks to all stakeholders and use effective communication approaches with each constituency
  • Implement metrics driven processes to ensure service quality targets are met

These are the key skills that we are looking for:

  • Experienced and knowledgeable in all aspects of designing, developing, managing large real-time systems
  • Experience in IaC technologies such as Terraform, Ansible, etc.
  • Experience with Kubernetes and cloud native workloads
  • GitOps practice as a basis with a solid understanding on how CI/CD platforms work
  • Certified experience in one of the top three cloud providers (professional grade)
  • Logging, tracing, and alert management are part of your fundamental decision-making process; therefore, you most likely have crossed yourself with some tool for that. (i.e., a CSP based one, or ELK, Datadog, Dynatrace, etc...)
  • You understand how networks work, including the cloud aspects of it
  • Deep understanding of internet (by this we don’t mean TikTok) and networking protocols
  • Experienced in securing workloads from L3 upwards at the OSI


What’s in for you:

  • We are still a startup, so we are going to grow, and there is a ‘you’ in ‘we’ to grow with
  • You will be part of a team filled with ninjas that will most certainly have tons of technical stuff to teach you
  • We allocate time to our personal and professional development, and we thrive for a balanced work-life with flexible remote policies
  • We seek for a fun and physically active environment, to keep you healthy n’ happy

⚡️Our commitment:

  • Life and Health Insurance
  • IT Equipment (laptop + personal smartphone + SIM card)
  • Solid career perspectives, in accordance with your performance and value
  • A permanent job contract
  • A brand-new and fast-growing company driven by excellence, solidarity and a common cause
  • A dynamic team that will be always there to support you
  • Ambitious and innovative IT projects
  • A continuous bet in the development of your skills, with access to online platforms and courses, such as Udemy and related
  • Coffee, fruits, snacks and a warm welcoming when you pass by the office

Sobre nós

A Caixa Mágica Software é uma empresa portuguesa líder nos segmentos do mercado Open Source em Portugal. Fornecemos vários serviços, desde consultoria de negócios especializada, desenvolvimento de projetos de software e pesquisa e inovação. Desenvolvemos vários projetos com diversos alvos de implementação. Encontramo-nos ativamente envolvidos com as comunidades Open Source, organizando um evento popular em Lisboa e participando em vários projetos de pesquisa financiados pela União Europeia. A Caixa Mágica mantém fortes laços com a administração pública portuguesa, participando no desenvolvimento de middleware para o sistema do Cartão do Cidadão Português e estendendo o conceito para a padronização e conformidade com os demais sistemas europeus. Também mantemos uma ligação próxima com os departamentos de Inovação e Pesquisa de diversos setores, como telecomunicações e média, energia, sistemas móveis e plataformas baseadas em nuvem para dar suporte a sistemas de manufatura.

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