Embrace an international challenge for a major multinational! This prestigious company is on the lookout for team players to work on a full-remote basis, from Portugal to Germany!

If you are someone who thinks out of the box, with plenty of curiosity and willingness to learn new technologies, and seek to evolve as an individual and as a team member, consider this unique opportunity.

What will you be doing?

» Design, implement and optimize data lake architectures.
» Build robust, scalable data systems and pipelines.
» Acquire and ingest large volumes of data in near real-time fashion.
» Combine raw information from external and internal sources (APIs, Databases).
» Monitor and ensure data quality of the data lake components and introduce new  techniques of enhancing the overall data lake health.
» Evaluate business needs and objectives in association with product owners and drive the requirement analysis from a technical perspective.
» Lead the technical analysis and solution design of new features.
» Participate actively in code reviews and ensuring tour craft best practices are followed.
» Identify location/time patterns in geospatial data and present your findings to stakeholders. 
» Mentor other/new team members on technical areas and use your technical expertise to level-up the team
» Be a member of a scrum team working with Agile methodologies.

Who are we looking for?

» BSc, MSc in Computer Science, Electrical/Computer Engineering or any related technical discipline.
» Minimum 5 years of production-level experience in big data manipulation, using a high-level programming language, e.g. Python/Java/Scala, solving complex problems and delivering quality outcomes (we use Python).
» Working experience in building robust data pipelines using open source distributed computing frameworks (Apache Spark, Apache Flink, Dask).
» Working experience in designing, constructing, cataloging and optimizing data lake infrastructures (e.g. MinIO / Amazon S3, Hive Metastore / Glue Data
» Experience with Cloud Technologies and Serverless Computing (we use AWS).
» Familiarity in using Docker for local development and tuning applications deployed on a Kubernetes cluster.
» Familiarity with performing SQL analytic workloads against cloud data warehouses (e.g. Amazon Redshift) or data lakes (e.g. Presto, Amazon Athena).
» Excellent understanding of software testing, agile development methodology and version control.
» Excellent understanding of Big Data File Formats (Apache Parquet/Avro/ORC) and how to leverage the power of their metadata information.
» We are a multinational company, fluency in English is a must.
» We thrive through team collaboration, we are on the lookout for team players.

What it would be great to have (a strong plus)

» Working experience in building scalable data streaming applications (e.g. Spark Streaming, Apache Flink, Amazon Kinesis Data Streams).
» Working experience with a workflow orchestration tool (e.g Airflow, Luigi).
» Professional exposure to SQS/SNS, Apache Kafka or other brokers.
» Knowledge of NoSQL databases, mainly key-value data stores (Redis) and document-oriented databases (MongoDB).


Submit you CV to talentos@caixamagica.pt., and we will contact you with further details!

Sobre nós

A Caixa Mágica Software é uma empresa portuguesa líder nos segmentos do mercado Open Source em Portugal. Fornecemos vários serviços, desde consultoria de negócios especializada, desenvolvimento de projetos de software e pesquisa e inovação. Desenvolvemos vários projetos com diversos alvos de implementação. Encontramo-nos ativamente envolvidos com as comunidades Open Source, organizando um evento popular em Lisboa e participando em vários projetos de pesquisa financiados pela União Europeia. A Caixa Mágica mantém fortes laços com a administração pública portuguesa, participando no desenvolvimento de middleware para o sistema do Cartão do Cidadão Português e estendendo o conceito para a padronização e conformidade com os demais sistemas europeus. Também mantemos uma ligação próxima com os departamentos de Inovação e Pesquisa de diversos setores, como telecomunicações e média, energia, sistemas móveis e plataformas baseadas em nuvem para dar suporte a sistemas de manufatura.

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