Purpose of Position

Working within one of our agile Engineering teams, this role reports to the team’s Lead Engineer. You will be working closely with your team members to write outstanding code to implement new features and maintain our award-winning affiliate marketing platform. As an Engineer, writing SOLID, secure & well-tested code is just the beginning of your skill set. You are confident in your technical stack, able to code quickly and efficiently while contributing to design and infrastructure discussions. You enjoy coaching junior colleagues to improve their skills, contributing to the team’s group sessions and are comfortable discussing topics such as quality, environments and delivery.


Key Tasks

  • Code development, review, refactoring and innovation
  • Design and build high-volume distributed systems utilising streaming and queueing solutions
  • Build new products, and re-engineer and continuously improve existing applications
  • Work with Product Managers and Owners to convert user stories to features and tasks
  • Contribute to reviews, retrospectives, planning and development sessions, helping to shape development technologies and practices
  • Communicate effectively in both verbal (day-to-day discussions, team meetings) and written forms (documentation, emails, messaging tools) with team members regardless of proximity
  • Work with your team to ensure quality is high and issues are addressed correctly
  • Troubleshoot and resolve issues in a timely and proactive fashion


Skills & Expertise

  • Minimum 4 years commercial Engineering experience, working with Java, Maven, Gradle, Spring Framework, JUnit, MySQL/PostgreSQL
  • Strong knowledge of Git
  • Automated testing, starting with TDD and through to performance and security testing
  • Comfortable building microservice applications for AWS using serverless technologies, ideally utilising message brokers such as Kafka, Kinesis or Google pub-sub
  • Passion for writing elegant code and a desire to constantly refactor and improve legacy applications, with a good understanding of SOLID design principles and OOP
  • Non-relational databases (e.g. MongoDB), in-memory search tools (ElasticSearch)
  • Maintaining CI/CD pipelines
  • Working on subscription or high-volume transactional systems


Our Offer

  • Whether you enjoy working from the office or from home, we allow you to decide. Our “Work Wherever” policies also make it possible for employees to work from locations all over the world
  • With staff wellbeing at the forefront of our minds, we have shifted to a 4-day week on a trial basis, offering our employees a greater work-life balance
  • Private health insurance that covers several types of health, vision and dental treatments
  • Taking care of your mental wellbeing by offering access to various mental health initiatives

Sobre nós

A Caixa Mágica Software é uma empresa portuguesa líder nos segmentos do mercado Open Source em Portugal. Fornecemos vários serviços, desde consultoria de negócios especializada, desenvolvimento de projetos de software e pesquisa e inovação. Desenvolvemos vários projetos com diversos alvos de implementação. Encontramo-nos ativamente envolvidos com as comunidades Open Source, organizando um evento popular em Lisboa e participando em vários projetos de pesquisa financiados pela União Europeia. A Caixa Mágica mantém fortes laços com a administração pública portuguesa, participando no desenvolvimento de middleware para o sistema do Cartão do Cidadão Português e estendendo o conceito para a padronização e conformidade com os demais sistemas europeus. Também mantemos uma ligação próxima com os departamentos de Inovação e Pesquisa de diversos setores, como telecomunicações e média, energia, sistemas móveis e plataformas baseadas em nuvem para dar suporte a sistemas de manufatura.

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