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We are looking for a Senior Software Developer to join a company that develops an HR Software for managing people’s companies. This Senior Developer will join an existing development team based in Ireland and Vietnam working in a Flexible/Agile environment.

It is essential that you want to get to know the people management, productivity and recruitment domain, and the business, so you can create great code. You will get to work and contribute to the existing product and work on new features, including AI, Blockchain, Video, Voice, and API extension features.

This is a fully distributed company where people work remotely. They created a great culture, that encourages people to try things to reduce the development cycles collaborating with the business and Microsoft azure professionals and technologies. They encourage the team to embrace their vulnerabilities so they can learn in an organisation where it is safe to fail to learn and deliver innovative features at pace.

The organization has an open transparent culture where people are encouraged to share their vulnerabilities as adult development is at the centre of their business strategy. The company encourages people to innovate and constantly improve how they work and how their products and features work.

This open transparent culture will not suit all, if you want to work for this company you must want to constantly improve and embrace the concept of becoming the best you can be.

We are looking to hire people who are willing to develop their careers and to become an integrated part of the strategic development Team. This company is a DDO a "Deliberate Development Organisation" where they put adult development at the centre of everything that they do. The company has created a safe place for people to share their career and personal vulnerabilities so they can develop to the best they can be. We are looking for people who believe in the product, who want to help the company to become the solution of choice for progressive companies.

We want to hire people who want to be the best and continually learn not just development skills but also for them to develop as a person. 10% of the company has been set aside for Employees.


Key responsibilities of this role include: 

  • Work with the CTO and distributive developers to develop new features and maintain existing software features availability.
  • Assist the Team in deciding appropriate technologies to use in developing the most up to date features that reflect the future of work
  • Skilled in following C# development, SQL Server, ASP.NET MVC/.Net Core.
  • Experience in developing, integrating, and maintaining Microservices and integrating Web Services /External API's
  • Exposure and experience with continuous integrations & DevOps
  • Previous experience and an advocate of working with Agile methodologies
  • Thorough understanding of JavaScript frameworks and exposure to Single Page Application frameworks (Angular, React)
  • Act as lead on the development of some features and as a contributor on other features 



  • Experience in a progressive English-speaking work environment.
  • 5-10 years C# programming, SQL Server, ASP.Net MVC / .Net Core, Microservices
  • Experience with and integrating Web Services / External APIs, and RESTful services knowledge
  • Unit testing using mocking frameworks
  • Continuous Integration & DevOps experience
  • Understanding of and experience in Agile methodologies and JavaScript frameworks
  • Exposure to Single Page Application frameworks (Angular, React)
  • The ability and the want to lead or manage a team of developers
  • Capable and happy to work on own initiative and to tight deadlines



  • Experience in working remotely and/or working with a distributive workforce
  • An understanding of people management and recruitment and digital automation in a progressive Environment
  • iOS / Android development



Depending on experience

Submit your CV to talentos@caixamagica.pt

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