Lisboa, Portugal

We are looking for an Infrastructure Engineer that will be responsible for providing support to server infrastructure, divided between several datacenters. We look for highly technical professionals able to ensure reliability and sustainability of platform. Besides normal SysOps tasks and backend engineering, the Infrastructure Engineer is also responsible for assuring scalability of our backend components, tunning of the frontend servers and contributing to the overall architectural design.

·  3+ years of experience supporting internet-facing production services and distributed systems;
·  Experience with public cloud (AWS), mainly ECS, EC2, RDS, S3, ElastiCache, Route53, ASG, CloudFront, ALB, IAM, Lambda@edge;
·  Experience with webserver (nginx, apache) and databases clusters (Postgresql) in master-slave configuration;
·  Experience with Infrastructure as Code (Terraform);
·  Experience with containerization (Docker and AWS ECS);
·  Knowledge of open source software for monitoring and automatization (Nagios/check_mk, Grafana, Cloudwatch, Graylog, Elk Stack…);
·  Experience with configuration management tools (ansible or other);
·  Awareness and experience on scalability issues and knowledge of sharding, clustering, balancing (nginx, varnish, ...), as well as storage (nfs) and cache (memcached, redis, …);
·  Experience with CI/CD tools (Jenkins);
·  Strong knowledge of networking protocols (http(s), tcp/ip, udp, ssh, …);
·  Fluent in at least one scripting language, 2 preferred (bash, python, perl, …)
·  Strong networking and applicational problem solving capacities in multiple languages (PHP, Javascript, Python, etc...);
·  Experience in Cloudflare is a plus;
·  BA/BS degree in computer science or relevant industry experience Bonus

About us

Caixa Mágica Software is a leading Portuguese company in the Open Source market segments in Portugal. We provide various services, from specialized business consultancy, software project development and research and innovation. We have developed several projects with different implementation targets. We are actively involved with the Open Source communities, organizing a popular event in Lisbon and participating in several research projects funded by the European Union. Caixa Mágica maintains strong ties with the Portuguese public administration, participating in the development of middleware for the Portuguese Citizen Card system and extending the concept to standardization and compliance with other European systems. We also maintain a close connection with the Innovation and Research departments in various sectors, such as telecommunications and media, energy, mobile systems and cloud-based platforms to support manufacturing systems.

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