Lisboa, Portugal


- At least 2 years of experience on Quantitative Analysis / Financial Math and;
- 5-10 years experience in:
- Strong knowledge of one or more programming languages, including C++ (the primary development languag) and Python 
- Additional programming languages (C#, Java) are a bonus, as well as other scripting languages (in particular Ruby, in which the current Test Framework had been written).
- Familiarity with Microsoft Windows as an environment, and Excel as the historically dominant RAD tool.
- Good understanding of modern software development, ideally with experience in the industrialised, scalable testing of mission-critical applications (using e.g. automation tools and container technology).


About us

Caixa Mágica Software is a leading Portuguese company in the Open Source market segments in Portugal. We provide various services, from specialized business consultancy, software project development and research and innovation. We have developed several projects with different implementation targets. We are actively involved with the Open Source communities, organizing a popular event in Lisbon and participating in several research projects funded by the European Union. Caixa Mágica maintains strong ties with the Portuguese public administration, participating in the development of middleware for the Portuguese Citizen Card system and extending the concept to standardization and compliance with other European systems. We also maintain a close connection with the Innovation and Research departments in various sectors, such as telecommunications and media, energy, mobile systems and cloud-based platforms to support manufacturing systems.

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