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The European project C2NET started in January 2015 and completed in December 2017. This project is part of the European Commission's program called “Factories of the future” and has as main purpose the creation of a cloud platform to support SMEs and their supply chain in the topics of collaboration, interoperability, management and optimization of logistics plans associated with manufacturing processes.

It is important to mention that around a factory there are three major profiles



supply raw materials to the factory


Partners and Processing Industries

Collaborate with the factory in aspects of production, manufacturing and in the transformation of some raw materials into others


Customers and Distributors

distribute the factory's products

Thus, the objective of this project is to create a cloud platform in which both suppliers, partners and customers are interconnected.

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In the first stage, this platform includes an ingestion phase, receiving structured data / information from both suppliers and partners, distributors and the factory itself, and from there it will collect their manufacturing plans. Subsequently, the optimization phase of the project is implemented and verified. With these inputs, the platform intends to create optimizers to produce an optimized global plan.

The idea is to bring together the various manufacturing plans that exist in order to achieve certain objectives, e.g., maximize production or minimize delivery times. Finally, the collaborative part is taken into account, where the interactions between all (platforms, collaboration tools, interaction tools, communication, etc.) takes place. This project has the support of several partners, among SMEs, Universities and Pilots (that is, factories that have predisposed to help to put C2NET in their processes).

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There are four pilots: in Spain, in the automotive area, with Faurecia and Plastic Omnium; in France, in the pharmaceutical and cosmetic distribution area, with Pierre Fabre; in Portugal, in the metal-mechanic area, with Tecminho, Flexefelina and António Abreu; and in Finland, pilot in the machinery area, with Fluidhouse.

Caixa Mágica is one of the partners in this project, responsible for creating the platform that will host the ingestion and also in the most critical module based on the integration and validation of the platform.

In this project, cloud technologies (OpenPaas and PaaS4eslap) were used and at the programming level Java, JavaScript and CoffeeScript were used.

Colaboradores da CMS envolvidos:

Carlos Coutinho, Luís Lopes and Patrícia Silva.