Caixa Mágica Software

Open Source is the essence of our DNA

Starting with the Linux distribution to some of the biggest projects in which we currently participate, Caixa Mágica Software advocates the use of Open Source solutions as the best way to guarantee its customers quality, reliability and independence. Over the past decade we have proven all the advantages of Open Source through the multiple projects that we have delivered to our customers, comprising a total cost significantly lower than that of proprietary solutions.

We are distinguished by our deep know-how in several areas of software development

Our work includes Web, Enterprise and Mobile, and we do it for the segments of public administration, utilities, communications operators, industry and services. We develop exclusive solutions, shaped to the needs of our customers, always following their specifications.

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Software Development

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Cloud Solutions

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IoT & Embedded Systems

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Digital Transformation

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Our Values

We help companies achieve their goals by offering innovative solutions based on their needs. Our team of experts has strong skills in Open Source development. Caixa Mágica Software is also strongly committed to research and innovation projects for both emerging and traditional markets.

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Recycle Ideas

We apply best practices ensuring that our customers benefit the most from our experience and know-how. We have good ideas but we know how to recognize what has been done well by others.


Incorporate the Open Source spirit

Openness and collaboration are the foundations of the Open Source spirit that we apply to the day to day of what we do. We are pioneers, promoters and protectors of this spirit, but above all we want everyone to benefit from what we do.

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Dedication and initiative

We like what we do and do it in the best way. We believe that our team is the best, in dedication, initiative and competence.


Collaborate and share

With collaboration and sharing everything goes faster and is done with more quality. Our solutions are born and grow benefiting from these premises.

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Professionalism and customer orientation

There is no point in having technical competence if our customers do not really benefit from our solutions. At Caixa Mágica we focus on the objectives and solving customer problems.


Service of excellence, quality and accuracy

Like any engineering product, the quality and robustness of the software we deliver reflects our value.