National ID Card Software for Cape Verde's Cover

Caixa Mágica Software, in partnership with INCM, developed for the National Identification Card of Cape Verde a Middleware and SDKs for several programming languages, leveraging the wide experience existing in this area, obtained, namely, in the development of software for the Card Citizenship and participation in other EID projects. This partnership will continue throughout the development of the project that allows the use of the Cabo Vede electronic document, both for electronic signature and for digital authentication.

According to Janine Lélis, Minister of Justice and Labor of Cape Verde “through digital authentication, it is possible to prove the origin and origin of an electronic document by confirming the veracity of the identity of the person who created it, or signed it, through authentication. digital, it can be attested that a file was generated by an authorized person, and that in addition to being able to verify the integrity of the person who generated it, one can also limit access to documents only by authorized persons, since the resource always requires an identity verification process ".

The Minister of Justice and Labor also added that there are several advantages associated with this software, noting that there will be “more security and confidence in the provision of online services, it will facilitate the identification of CNI holders through digital means, it will allow digital authentication of the CNI holder, will also allow the possibility to identify and obtain data digitally ”.