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28 de July de 2020

Produced by Alfiii, Multipli is a didactic board game about multiplication, which is the origin of the tournament organized ann…

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Why work at Caixa Mágica?

25 de May de 2020

These days, it is very common for all of us to spend a large part of our day dedicated to our work activity. This issue can someti…
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Internet Day

17 de May de 2020

The calendar marks today, May 17, World Internet Day, an important date in Caixa Magic, since all its activity revolves around…

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Remote Work - Interview with José Pedro Rodrigues - Caixa Mágica Software

11 de May de 2020

In an interview, José Pedro Rodrigues - CTO of Caixa Mágica Software, sharing his opinion on the current situation and teleworking…
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WalliD, a Portuguese Startup

07 de May de 2020

Created in 2018 and incubated at Caixa Mágica Software, the Portuguese startup WalliD developed an online authentication and ident…
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Summer Internships 2020

26 de March de 2020

For the 16th consecutive year, Caixa Mágica opens its doors to another year of summer internships, where it expects to receive…

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