Linux Caixa Mágica

It is with great pride that we have labeled it for 20 years as “The Portuguese Linux distribution”.

The inspiration for the creation of Linux Caixa Mágica was born from the market's need for a non-proprietary Operating System that, in addition to merely supporting the Portuguese language, was designed with the universe associated with this language in mind. A platform that could be universal and reach both the younger users, still in the language learning phase, as well as the older ones, also those with special requirements, passing, of course, through the rest among these phases, the most numerous, both private and business and corporate.

Linux Caixa Mágica (sometimes abbreviated as Caixa Mágica, Linux CM or LCM) is thus an open source operating system, developed and managed by Caixa Mágica Software.

Linux Caixa Mágica is targeted at companies, individuals, education, and public administration. It was created in October 2000, having at that time received the prestigious Millennium Expresso 2000 Award.

The Linux distribution Caixa Mágica is completely free, and is available for download on the official website as well as on other mirrors, and includes support for access to documentation designed by the user community. In addition, there is a paid version, which includes a copy on DVD, access to the online manual, telephone and email support.

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Magalhães Laptop

Government programs e-Escolas and e-Escolinhas “Magalhães”

The "Linux Caixa Mágica Mag" (Linux Caixa Mágica Magalhães, Linux CM E-Schools, CmMag or CM Magalhães) was based on Linux Caixa Mágica, having been created specifically to be incorporated in the "Magalhães" notebooks aimed at school children. Distributed free of charge on DVD by JP Sá Couto to primary schools for installation on laptops. It was also included at the factory in dual-boot notebooks with Microsoft Windows.

The package became popular for allowing users from an early age to have contact with open technologies.

Linux Caixa Mágica Lite

Proving that the reasons that led to the creation of Linux Caixa Mágica, twenty years ago, remain valid today, Caixa Mágica Software launched in 2020 a Lite version of its popular distribution, which accompanies the launch of the current reference distributions.

The challenges resulting from the pandemic caused by the COVID-19 virus, particularly in terms of the need for work and remote study, exposed the limitations of large segments of society, in Portugal and in the world, in accessing hardware platforms that enable the realization of a minimum of activities from home.

It appears that few families have devices for all elements of the respective household, even in developed countries, the situation being even more serious in developing regions.

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Existing equipment, sometimes still new and capable of serving the needs of children and young adults in training, are not being used, as they have outdated and discontinued operating systems, ending up with the equipment being put aside.

Given that proprietary operating system solutions are not tailored to serve this type of community needs, Caixa Mágica Software decided to create a lightweight version of its renowned Linux distribution. Linux Caixa Mágica Lite is compatible with several PC hardware platforms, working properly even on equipment launched more than eight years ago, and also including dozens of Open Source applications that cover all the main common needs of a PC user.

In this way, companies can satisfy their citizens who do not have the will or the financial capacity to be permanently upgrading their equipment with expensive resources and high energy consumption, managing to extend the life of their equipment through the use of open technologies. and that they are not so demanding in terms of the resources used.