Caixa Mágica Linux

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Caixa Mágica Linux is the alternative open source Operating System for you to use in any computer and for anything.


Born in the year 2000, it has more than 900,000 oficial deployments in projects inside and outside Portugal, such as Magalhães, E-escolas, Novas Oportunidades, Kit-Tecnológico, Mi Compu (Mexico), etc.


Either in Live mode (no installation required), or by installing in your hard drive you'll have access to the best there is in terms of open source software applications... and more.

With a huge hardware support, and better in every new version, just install it without the need for long and difficult configurations.... it's as easy as that... you can even install it along already existing Operanting Systems in a very simple process.


Install the latest version right now, Caixa Mágica Linux 23 and have the best hardware support and the latest versions of all of your favorite applications.

If you prefer stability instead of new functionalities, then use  Caixa Mágica Linux 22 LTS (Long Term Support), and eceive security updates for 5 years since it's release for your desktop and server.

Supported Versions

Old Versions (no available support)

For other versions browse our repository here.

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