Who we are


Smart Linux and Open Source. Therefore, effective.


To contribute to the country's development, by producing innovative solutions focused on individuals and organizations, investing in R&D and in the creation of Open Source Software excellence centres in Portugal.

To develop the main portuguese-speaking Linux Distribution and make it accessible to everyone.

Caixa Mágica Software (CMS) is a Portuguese SME company, leader in the open source market segments in Portugal. It provides multiple services which include specialised business consulting, development of software projects, training and certification, research and innovation.

The company is also actively involved with the Open Source and Research communities, hosting a popular open source Lisbon event, and participated in numerous EU-funded Research projects. CMS has strong ties with the Portuguese public administration, participating in the development of the middlewares for the Portuguese Identity Card system, and extending the concept towards its standardisation and compliant with the other European systems. It also has close interactions with the Innovation and Research departments of diverse industry such as Telecommunications and Media (working on Set-Top Boxes and other embedded systems), Energy, Mobile systems (mainly Android and iOS mobile applications, Android embedded systems, and Android TV apps), and Cloud-based platforms for supporting Manufacturing Systems.

Reuse ideas.

Embody the Open Source spirit.


Deducation and initiative.

Seek rigour, quality and excellence.

Collaborate and share.

Professionalism and focus on the customers.

Caixa Mágica is all of us.

To have our own technological platform,
secure and competitive.
To disseminate Caixa Mágica technology and Open Source
in every aspects of society.
To cooperate and share with partners:
companies, public administration and open source community.
To be a R&D center
with a strong bond to universities.
Carlos Coutinho
Patricia Silva
Sara Martins
Sandra Monchique
André Guerreiro
Bruno Pereira
Nuno Martins
Vítor Martins
José Reis
Vitor Viana
Afonso Ribeiro
Tiago Freitas
Adriano Campos
Filipe Veiga
Victor Andrade
Jorge Graça
João Raimundo
João Amado
Miguel Tavares
Abel Tenera
José Pedro Rodrigues
André Vale
Miguel Figueira
Veniamin Craciun
Beatriz Pereira
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